Korea: Dressed to the 9nes

Commonly asked questions

1. Where do you apply coupon?

A: You can apply it in your cart in the white box or on the checkout page near the top.

2. Do you offer Free Shipping Discount?

A: Currently are shipping is FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD

3. How do you keep your prices so much more affordable than stores like EXPRESS?

A:We have invested a lot in a fast and cost-efficient distribution system. It allows us to offer goods to our customers at the very best prices possible. Also it helps not to have a brick and motar store which reduces overhead costs. We operate only online!

4. Do you wholesale?

A: Yes we offer wholesale if you would like to carry our line. For more information you can email to inquire for prices.

5. Where do you ship from?

A: We ship all products from our Korea distribution center.

6.  I don’t want to measure, whats the best size reference you can give?

A: While we recommend measuring for better fitment, generally it is safe to say Korean sizes are usually one size smaller than U.S. size. Example: Our Medium fits like a Small in the U.S. | Our Large fits like a Medium in the U.S. | and continues to follow that format. Our one size fits all/Free Size is generally a looser piece of clothing designed more for universal purposes. That being said we try to take the best pictures as possible on real life models.